For our Saturday activities we are in constant need of used material of any country in the world.

You can send us your surplus (used) stamps of the last approx. 10 years in exchange against material from our site.
We accept each commemorative stamp (issued after 1995) that you send us, at 1 eurocent per stamp.

- No damaged stamps.
- Maximum of approx. 25 pieces of each stamp.
- All stamps are issued after 1995.
- No CTO
- A minimum of 1500 stamps per exchange.
- First Day covers / cover lots are excluded from exchange

Definitive / small sized stamps are accepted at 0.5 eurocent per stamp.
You always need to contact us before shipping and send us more details of your planned exchange.

Send us your proposal and after you have received our confirmation with your proposal you can send the stamps.